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Dear Guest,


Beside the tour guide activity, I also accept missions for interpretation and translation. Being an experimented interpreter and translator (more than twenty years of experience) based in Budapest, graduated in economics, translation and (simultaneous and consecutive) interpreting, my working languages are French, English and Hungarian. With my experiences obtained in the world of business and enterprise, all fields included, I am at your disposal if you need an interpreter or a translation of high level.


My references (non exhaustive list):

Groupama Biztosító (insurance company) ; University of West Hungary ; Gaz de France, EGAZ-DEGAZ ; OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation), and several translation agencies (Penna, Edimart, Tranzpress, Überzacc, Tecum, etc.)


Tariffs of consecutive interpretation

Between French or English and Hungarian: a half day (4 hours) is 35 k HUF or 120 €, a full day (8 hours) is 60 k HUF or 210 €, each additional hour is 5 k HUF or 20 € / hour

Between French and English: a half day is 50 k HUF or 170 €, a full day is 8 k HUF or 320 €, each additional hour is 8 k HUF or 25 € / hour


In case of simoultanious interpreting, an additional 50% applies.


I do also interpreting during marriage ceremonies. The tariff is 20 k HUF or 60 € / ceremony. In case of a longer program, the tariff is of 40 k HUF or 120 € / day.


My interpreting tariffs are set for missions done in Budapest (administrative borders). In case of missions to be done in the country or abroad, travel expenses, meals and accommodation are to be paid by the Client.


Tariffs of translation

Between French or English and Hungarian: 15 HUF or 0,05 € / word of source language, 3000 words per day, urgency fee being + 25%

Between French and English: 20 HUF or 0,07 € / word of source language, 2000 words per day, urgency fee being + 25%




I also give language courses. During the lessons, I make students to speak a lot while also focusing on grammar. From beginner to advanced level.


Tariffs: 5 k HUF or 20 € / 90 minutes




For any request of interpretation, translation or language courses, please contact me at any of the contact information indicated on this page.




Tariffs are net prices, that means that a 27% VAT is to be added.


Tariffs are valid until December 31st, 2016.


Phone: +36 30 364 6406

Skype: noemianna


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