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Dear Visitor,


Welcome to my website. My name is Noémi Széchey. I am a tour guide, my working languages are French and English.


A few words about myself: I am attached to languages since my childhood, later I developed my language skills acquired abroad during my studies in Budapest. Thus, through my studies, I became a certified guide, interpreter and translator. These latter activities bind me rather to the “real” sphere of economy and businesses. While with the first, I could deepen my knowledge of history, art history, gastronomy and other “human” areas. In addition, I also have the ambition to transfer my knowledge of languages and affection I have for languages during private language courses to those interested in the French or English language and culture.


I was born in Budapest, with the exception of some years; I have always lived in this city. I love this city, to which my life is bound by a thousand and one strings. That is why it is great pleasure for me to work here as a guide and to present this city to all those who are interested about it.


What is the best way to discover Budapest and Hungary? It can be done in several ways.


- We can discover it with a guide book - or today rather with a smart phone - in hand. These tools can provide useful information, but they will not tell us the relationship between different information, they will not reveal the hidden treasures of the city, beyond the usual sites to visit. - However, your personal guide will share them with you.


- We can go through the main tourist trails with the sightseeing bus, where a recorded text will always say the same thing to everyone. Without doubt, this is a simple and inexpensive solution, which, by nature, will never take into account our individual needs, the tape will not answer our questions we have during the visit. - However, your personal guide will have no one else to pay attention to but you.


- We can also make the acquaintance of the famous monuments of the city as part of a standard program. The guides will give you a lot of useful and interesting information, but will do so only to the extent that a very heterogeneous group allows them to say in a limited time. In addition, you should always wait for the others; you can not to the tour at your own pace. - However, your personal guide will always adapt the program to your own needs.


So, with your personal guide, you can get to know the city and the country as you would like it to do, according to your own wish. During private tours, you have the opportunity to have personal discussions, get answers to your questions, and have programs that suit your individual requirements. It is in this that I want to be at your service. Personally for tourists who want a guide in French and English – in the case of other languages, I can provide you with colleagues who also work at high level.


To do this, visit my website where you can find tours and programs that I suggest you to do. In case one or more of my trips could get your attention or if you think from what you have seen that I can help you to spend a fruitful and experience rich time in Budapest and Hungary, please contact me in order to discuss the details.


Looking forward to meeting you,




Noémi Széchey




Phone: +36 30 364 6406

Skype: noemianna


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